Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Year of Running

This last year, in 2010, I have made it a priority to lose weight, get in shape, and to run my bootie off.....LITERALLY! I did achieve those things, but I still have 8-10lbs to lose and have had this 10-8lbs to lose for almost 6months!!!! So what the heck gives?

Last Thursday, I was in the midst of a VERY BUSY DAY! Thursdays usually aren't that crazy. I usually have some "ME" time: like cleaning, running errands, and get a real good run in. I also have boot camp and basketball practice.

But this past Thursday I spent the day working, working, and working! My day was slipping away from me quickly and I had come to the realization that I had little time to workout. I remember feeling very STRESSED about making a choice between boot camp, running, cooking dinner and helping the kids get homework done! The reason my afternoon was so short on time is because I had decided to add a new Bible Study to my schedule (on Thursday evenings)...and this was going to be my first night!

I decided to forgo boot camp (BUMMER) but I did fit in my run....short 4mile run but I was so happy I got it in!

But something "struck me" as I began to run...... Running had definitely become a priority for my day, along with a priority for almost everyday of my life in the last year! But here's what GOT ME: "What if I treated my GOD TIME like I treated my RUN TIME?" Since April I have ran almost 1000miles. I usually workout at least an hour a day with maybe 1 or 2 days off (and sometimes I don't have any days off but do some other type of exercise). I'll be honest, I don't do this with my Bible time.....and not sure my prayer time matches even half that time!!!! But WHAT IF IT DID??? If I took all that time and effort and put it toward's God's Word or prayer time, I wonder how my life would be???

Well about an hour after I ran, I went to my orientation for this Bible Study. It is called First Place 4 Health! I didn't know much about this program other than what I have heard or read from my friend on her weight loss blog. But after the orientation, I realized that it was NO ACCIDENT for me to be in this Bible Study. This Bible Study is made to do just what I had mentioned above. I will be training myself how to put GOD FIRST in EVERYTHING I DO!

So here I am.... I may still have 10lbs to lose, but I think it might be the most rewarding 1olbs in my life! I think I might be thanking God for this last 10 lbs:-) Who would have thought!

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