Monday, August 30, 2010

First Football Games

So I have given in and let both of my boys play football this year! I went to school to be a coach and a teacher...and after several kinesiology classes, I told myself that if I ever had boys, they would be at least 5th grade before they played tackle football.
1) I didn't want to be one of THOSE parents that pushed their boys to feel that athletics was the most important thing in their life.
2) Many kids play recklessly, and many coach recklessly, too....
3) Winning is not everything
4) The safety of my child if none of the above were done

Well, here I am with one child playing a year earlier than I thought and my youngest playing as a first grader! HAHA! Well, in my defense, alot of this was daddy's decision. But I will tell you, after watching my oldest son, Zander in other sports, I felt that if "he wanted to", he seemed ready for football. He is a smart kid, hustles like no other kid, and does his very best to do exactly what the coach ask. He also is a strategic player. He studies the game and is really good at strategies. And he is very much a team player and loves spending time playing ANY sport with his buddies!

Why Gabe? I am gonna be honest! I would like to see him toughen up some and have the ability to stand his own if he needs to. See, he is around boys 2-3years older (Zander and his buddies) and these kids run circles around Gabe. But it is not because Gabe isn't capable of hanging with these kids. It's because Gabe has no idea he has the strength or ability to stand up to these kids and compete with them or even take them down himself. And then when Gabe is with kids his own age, he babies them! So...I put him in football in hopes to give him a little fight and some self confidence!

I am not 100% sure I made the right decision, but I know I did my best to make sure I did! But the most important thing is both boys are LOVING it and learning so much! I am proud of them no matter what!

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