Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer and the "SHOULD DO LIST"

As I was running this morning I started to think about how fast summer is going by and then realized that even the second part of my summer is full already. With just 5 weeks before schools starts up again, my second part of summer is already taken up....
with one more baseball tournament, a church camp, and an IFL-Reformation Tour to Germany, Turkey, and Austria!

Where has the time gone? And how come my TO DO LIST never got pulled out this summer.

Things I should try to do before school starts again, but probably won't....
1) Rest
2) Visit Grandparents (some far and some near)
3) Clean Out All Cabinets in the house
4) Paint my living room
5) Paint the shed and make it look nice
6) Clean out the Office (this one I have been thinking about doing this week)
7) Go on a date with my husband
8) Go to Six Flags
9) Redo the flowerbeds (hey, I have weeded them a few times this summer)
10) Read a good book

So, I hope I do get at least 3 of these done before school starts! That would make me feel somewhat better, but we will see:-) But I do know something I have done this summer that I am so glad we have done....are these baseball tournaments and our spontaneous trip to Florida. These two things have been great for my family! Been spending lots of time with my husband and babies and these are far more important that all the organizational things on my SHOULD DO LIST;-)

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