Friday, December 26, 2008

Counting the Blessing of Christmas

I thought it would be fun to make a list of the people, things, and events that happened this year to make Christmas so special.

1. All the home baked goods from our special friends. I am sure my boot camp that I will start soon will take care of all that extra, extra weight! LOL
2. The Christmas carols and Christmas stations that are continuously playing in my suburban, on my TV, and at my office the whole month of December.
3. The decorations in all the homes I visit and in my own house.
4. Lights that decorate many houses up and down the streets.
5. The cold weather that makes it feel like Christmas (rare in Texas most of the time).
6. For my sister in law and brother in law and their kids that drove 2 straight days to spend the Christmas holiday with us (Tanya, Ron, Reagan, and Tex).
7. For all the family get togethers.
8. For all the good food!
9. For the time I was able to spend with my brother, Grady, and his precious son, Hayden.
10. For my own three kids.
11. For our pets....old and new.
12. For the look of surprise on the faces of the children and joy of opening presents with the kids.
13. For Tex and Gabe's priceless role of playing as Indaina Jones and Buzz Light Year on Christmas Day.
14. For the sweet gifts that my kids made or bought for me (Zander got me a "real" big diamond with his birthday money, Addie got me a Christmas Tree candle, and Gabe made me 4 marbleized magnets for the frig)
15. For the huge mess that Santa brings
16. For Santa's kisses
17. For the days off work and just hanging out with the family.
18. For hours of fun playing with the kids and their new toys.
19. For the outfit and jingle bell collar that Santa dressed Ranger in over night.
20. For the health of those we love so much (still waiting to hear about Louie's spells)
21. For an absolutely wonderful mother and father in law (so blessed that they are just down the road from us. I even work with my father in law).
22. For all the sweet children on our street that keep coming over to show and tell what Santa left them.
23. For my internet and computer that allows me to blog about this.
24. For slouchy, baggy clothes that allow me to snack more often that I usually would.
25. For the TV that was given to us from some special friends.
26. For sleeping in till 10am on the day after Christmas.
27. For the elf that left yesterday and who has returned to the North Pole with Santa until next December.
28. For the good weather the last two days that has allowed the kids a couple of days to play with their new toys outside.
29. For the trash men that come to collect the bags and bags full of trash left over from Christmas Day.
30. For the life that I am living..

But most importantly, I am so blessed for the truth of the Christ Child who was born to be my Saviour on the first Christmas.

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Valerie Chamberlain said...

You lead a charmed and blessed life! What a beautiful entry!
Love ya!