Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Heart of My Grandmother!

If you have been reading my blog, you are already aware of the happenings in my family on Christmas Eve. But I wanted to share something that I want to stick with me for the rest of my life.

A little history first...... since before my time, the Lewis's (on my dad's side of the family) has gotten together for years and years every Christmas Eve. During this time we eat lunch together, sing carols together, let the children exchange gifts, and a play a crazy gift game that can last well over an hour!

When I was younger we spent the majority of the day at my Grandmother and Granddaddy Lewis's on Christmas Eve. But now, that we are all grown and have so many different places to go, we have shorten the get together to about a 3-4 hour event.

After our small feast, we usually get together to sing Christmas carols. We used to all group together and film ourselves singing, but our group has well outgrown the wide lens. So now, the four Lewis children will stand in the middle of the group to lead us as we all sing. You will notice these four in the dad is the youngest and the loudest!!! HA! Love it!

This year when we sang, I couldn't help but notice my grandmother (86yrs old) swaying softly and listening with her eyes closed the entire time. I knew she was in a MOMENT........and I could only imagine. Later in the evening, I spoke with my brother in law about that MOMENT and he said that she had told him after our singing that she was hearing her late husband in her grown children's voices (Granddaddy passed away in March of 1999). I know my Granddaddy was there with us in spirit! And I know he would be very proud of his family and just as my Grandmother is too!

Here is a little video of a climpse of a my family that is truely blessed!

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