Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Wish List

We started this little tradition a year or two ago....and I want to share it this year. We ask the children what they want for Christmas and video it!

What is interesting about their request............
1) Addison's (8yrs) list keeps changing. Everyday she changes her mind on what she wants. Kind of comical too.
2) Zander (7yrs) makes it simple..... Just the Wii. It only cost $300. Hope he isn't disappointed. We have prepared him for other gifts.
3)Gabe (4yrs) requested from Santa in person to get a new doggie for Zeke. You will need to read the blog about Ranger to understand more about this request. Funny thing is, he is good with the doggie and nothing else. But his birthday is 2 weeks after Christmas....check it out!

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