Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Than Just an Award

Today I witnessed my middle child, Zander, receive the Tiger Award from his teacher, Mrs. Driskell. At our elementary school, at the end of each grading period a student from each class is awarded a Tiger Award for outstanding work, behavior, or improvement. Zander was chosen this time around. When a child receives this award the principal reads a letter from the teacher that explains WHY they were chosen.
I admit, my children do usually get these awards often. They may skip a year here or there, but I have heard alot of letters before. But something in this letter stood out above the rest.
Mrs. Driskell addressed in her letter how much of a loyal Tiger fan Zander is to the local high school teams. She also mentioned how he loves The Dallas Cowboys, The Texas Rangers, and any other team he belongs to. What Mrs. Driskell was trying to award Zander on was his loyalty and his support to others. The note did not conclude there. She noted how he was a great fan of his very own class and classmates. But what really made my heart rejoice was the part where she metioned, "He is a true fan of our Creator, which he doesn't mind talking about!" WOW! A first grade little boy who is strong enough and is couragious enough to let others know about his God! If a first grader can do that, why can't we as adults???
Our world is changing! I try very hard to protect my children from the dangers of society, but yet, I also want them to be able to adapt and make a difference in the world in which is very "worldly". I know my Zander is far from perfect and I know that Todd and I are far from the perfect parents. But to hear these words from a person on the outside of our family sure does give you the confidence that God is with us! He is with me as a parent. And he is with my children as they learn to live in this world that we know as home......for right now that is:)

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Keelie Sue said...

that is awesome..keep up the good work, mom!