Saturday, December 20, 2008

What a Great Day!

Every now and then we just have a really good day. And today, I can say I had one. No, it wasn't expected or planned. It just happened. And to be honest, it wasn't even an exciting day of events or activities.....

First, I finally got a day to sleep in till 9:08am. YES! I usually wake a 6:20am every morning Saturdays are special to this momma! And no one even tried to wake me up for food, questions, or help. AHHH! So nice!

Then we sat for a couple of hours watching TV and waiting on our HDTV technical guy to get here. Once this man got here, we took the WHOLE family outside for an hour of work in the backyard (it ended up being 2hours). We picked up ALL the trash, which I am soo sad to admit we filled 3 cans up. We added new fencing to our old fence so our new dog, Ranger, can not get out. We also cleaned the porch and put all the things back in their proper places. good it feels to have a clean back yard! And Ranger LOVES not being supervised or on a leash to go outside now!

Next, my super husband made us hot links and hot dogs on the grill. We were all starved by this time, so hot dogs and chips were perfect. Then we spent the next two hours relaxing and letting the kids play freely.

We also had a few little visitors, Tucker and Savannah, who came over for 2 hours. The kids played while I made cookies and supper. I made over 150 cookies to take to the residents of Hilltop Haven nursing home tomorrow night. Yes, the kids did sneak a few for dessert. But what I really enjoyed during this time was the smell of the cookies cooking, the kids laughter while playing with the dogs or making crafts at the kitchen table, the sound of the last load of laundry drying, and the Christmas music in the background. This is when it dawned on me that I was having a great and perfect PreChristmas day. So much was accomplished today without any frustration or ordeals! This is so rare in a house of 5 people. My house is some what clean, laundry is done, cookies are made, the fence is fixed, the TV is hooked up right, and things are starting to get organized again. I even got a few packages wrapped. It seems everyone in my family helped out today which made a huge difference and was actually fun! I am convinced we need more days like this!

Now, too bad the Dalls Cowboys didn't have a good day like we did:-(

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Kathy said...

So was the new fencing a necessary item since Ranger? I still love his name, and hope that just for fun, you will compliment your blog from time to time with a "here and there" Ranger Report! Sounds like you all are having a wonderful weekend. My, the cookies you baked. Whoa. Have a very Merry Christmas!!