Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Memories

I love Christmas! Always have and always will. I have been blessed beyond measure when I reflect on my memories of the 33 Christmas's I have experienced. Just a few that come to mind are....
1. Every Christmas Eve at my Grandparent's House: I have several fond memories of a lot of laughter, food, and fun. I loved sitting next to Granddaddy Lewis as he opened his gifts in his chair with his pocket knife! I loved running around the house in feeted pajamas that usually matched my cousins, and I loved watching my older cousins LITERALLY race to open presents (dangerous at times, but very entertaining). And as much as we complained about how "retarded" it was, we all sat in the living room year after year to sing our video cameras! LOL! Lame, but still an ongoing traditon that will never be given up! Sorry kids:)
2. Every Christmas Morning at my House as Child: My brother and I usually slept together on Christmas Eve night.......trying to stay awake to see Santa. We never ever saw Santa, either. But every morning, our parents would video record the whole event. They would record our every move, from coming down the hall, to opening presents and stockings, to eating breakfast and recieving phone calls from loved ones. It was a day of NOTHING but FAMILY! Oh how I loved it....even the huge mess we made! LOVED IT! Mom would make a late BIG breakfast and we would spend the day playing with the new toys....while mom and dad usually rested! Now I know why! HA
3. Candy Canes: Not only do I love candy canes, but they do make me remember my Grandmother Neill. I can still hear her laugh and giggle as the grandkids pulled the candy canes off her tree to separate and share. And her food was always HUM!!! I know where my mom learned to cook....YUMMY!
4. Christmas Lights: What is it about lights that make you so happy? All kids love them and it wasn't any different then...or now?? When I was old enough to drive, my girlfriends and I would take one Wednesday night after church to go tour EL DORADO Estates in McKinney. We would spend a couple of hours EWWing and AWWing over the lights together. Great girl time and wonderful memories!
5. Special Parties: Who doesn't like parties? Everyday and every weekend in Decemember seemed to be filled with special events. If not a party, than a program, or an outreach of some kind. As a kid, it can't get better than that! Never bored and always on the go!

My list can go on and on.......

As an adult, the excitement of Christmas still lives in me. However, the busyness usually gets in the way of the glory of it all. So much to do with such little time! However, what I do realize as I write this is........really, the presents don't matter. As I listed my memories, not once did a present actually come to mind as something I will never forget. It was the time spent with family and friends!

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Keelie said...

I was thinking the same thing this week. I remember some of the presents I received growing up, but not many. It was the excitedment, anticipation and special time spent together with family that I remember. Speaks volumes toward what we shoudlbe focused on as parents during this season!!