Monday, December 15, 2008

When a Child is Sick....

What is it about a sick child? They are quite sweet and so lovable then! I know they are when they are well, too. It is just nice how appreciative and and QUIET they are when they are under the weather! HA!

And obviously I am not talking about something serious....just the typical bug or cold.

Around town and school right now we have had all kinds of bugs and sickness going around. Luckily, we haven't gotten the bad stuff yet. But we do get our typical snotty noses, allergies, and croupy coughs.

In the last week or so we have been experiencing all the above.......especially with my youngest, Gabe. So much so, that I kept him home from school last Monday. Which leads me to a few funny things that I have picked on about his "sickness".

First, on Wednesday morning, he was tired and said he was too sick to go school that he had germs on his "hands". HA! I knew better:)

Then on Friday, my daughter had a birthday party. When I went to pick her up she had a bag full of left over candy from building gingerbread houses. So when she got in the car, she was a very kind older sister and gave her littlest brother, Gabe, the bag of candy. Gabe LOVES candy and he was thrilled to have the bag. I told him he could have two candies and save the rest. Well, the night got busy and without acknowledging, Gabe would ask me if he could have more candy....I wasn't really listening but went ahead and agreed to more candy.....and did probably several times! ( WHOOPS) Finally, I noticed that his bag was getting empty and his mouth was full. Immediately I told him "Gabe, honey, you can't have any more candy! You're going to make yourself sick". Without skipping a beat, he responds quite well with "But mom, I already sick!" HA! HA! Good try though.

And last.......yesterday morning (church morning). He used his "I sick.....I gotta go to Grammy's". He knew that my husband and mother in law would give into that real quick! And they did:) But the cutest thing about that is when I went to give Gabe his breathing treatment last night, he immediately responded, very sure of himself with........"Oh, Mommy, I don't need that! I not sick anymore! Grammy made me all better! Real better!"

Now Gabe is CURED:) Got to love a 4year old's convincing mind!

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