Thursday, December 4, 2008


Three years ago after arriving home from school, my children noticed a package(that I had already gone through before their arrival) at the front door. We tore open the package to find a book that was called, The Elf on the Shelf. The book gives a great story about how an elf found his way to our home and will stay there all day, every day, until Christmas, to watch your children's behaviors and actions. The elf then uses his magical powers to fly back to the North Pole to report good and bad behaviors to the boss man, SANTA! The elf hides in a new spot every night.......that is IF he had a chance to sneak away back to the North Pole that night... And trust me, sometimes the elf has nothing good to report and must wait a day or two! HA!
We named our elf WINKLE. And we must be very very careful not to touch him or he could lose his magical powers.......which means he could not report to Santa. He looks so much like a toy, but that is because he needs to not frighten others.
WINKLE has been a great friend to us since he has come into our lives. He has been known to bring in snow with him before. He has written and responded to a few letters left to Santa, and knows alot about us. We love welcoming him to our home every year. And we love showing everyone WINKLE when we get a chance.
On Tuesday of this past week........WINKLE made it back to our home. He was hiding in our antiques above our kitchen cabinets. Today he is behind a Texas Welcome sign above our front door. Where will he be tomorrow??? I am not sure. But I am certain you will hear more stories about WINKLE in the next few weeks!

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