Monday, December 8, 2008

Welcoming Ranger

During the Thanksgiving break, Gabe was able to meet and talk with Santa for the first time in his life. He was not shy by any means. And when Santa asked for Gabe's request, Gabe responded with that he wanted another dog....for Zeke, our black lab. You see, Gabe has only known our household with two dogs: CJ and Zeke. But about 2-3months ago, our CJ of 10 years had a cyst that turned into a bleeding tumor. Needless to say, we had to say our goodbyes to our dear friend and put CJ down one late night. We all mourned the loss of our friend and family member like any other family would........but Gabe was different. Yes, he cried just like us and talked about CJ during every prayer time (and still does). But it wasn't because he missed CJ so much, but because he knew his other dog, Zeke missed CJ.
Gabe has been concerned for his good buddy, Zeke, since then. He has made Zeke cards and pictures with drawings of his two dogs. He would give Zeke extra hugs and kisses and tell him how much he loved him. He would make a nice cozy sleeping spot and curl up beside Zeke from time to time. He has just been super sweet to Zeke.
Zeke was very sad too. He cried and wimpered for days and just was really depressed. At first he didn't eat or play much. In the last month or so, Zeke has been very clingy, always underneath our feet and not leaving our sight for anything. And he won't stay out and play like he used to.
After Gabe's request we thought alot about how it was true! Zeke was needing a friend....and so did the rest of the family:)
Well, the next dilemma was how do you get a dog on little money and time it right for Christmas morning??? Well we talked to our elf and Santa and it was suggested that we start looking now because Santa only makes TOYS. Now don't get me wrong, Santa said he would find and bring one for Christmas but it was going to be extra hard with family coming in. How was he to bring presents to ALL the Turner grandkids and find a dog??? So he gave us special permission to start looking.
I have been looking online to adopt a dog. Found several but most were pending adoptions and $200. Saturday we went Petco in Sherman to pick up some things for Zeke. Lucky for us, a shelter was bringing in their dogs. We saw Ranger, who was an absolute stinkin' mess.......but we liked him and so did the boys. So a few minutes later, and $65 later, we brought Ranger home. He is a super cool dog and seems to be adjusting great! I like him alot too:) OH, he cleans up very nicely!


Kathy said...

First, let me reflect on your profile. You're a great writer! Creative? Very! I loved reviewing your two most recent posts. I have to say the name, "Ranger" threw me as I did not anticipate the picture that went with the name. It totally cracked me up. Oh, do hold on to these wonderful times with your children. Your previous post with the video of your son....absolutely priceless. You're a wise mother to document the most valuable of times. Enjoy, and I will come by from time to time to see what's happening. God's very greatest blessings for you all this Christmas! (found you through Gina's blog).

Married with Children..... said...

Thanks Kathy for browsing my blog. Gina got me started on this. I have had a blog for a year now but never did anything with it, but have always wanted to journal about the things my kids say and do!
I am so glad you enjoyed it. I look forward to looking your blog over too!

Have a blessed day:)