Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gabe's Christmas Program

Tonight we had the opportunity to see our youngest, Gabe, perform in his first big Christmas program. I was very impressed with my little man, as he wasn't shy at all. I say this because just a couple of months ago his class did a chapel presentation and Gabe froze. He knew what to do but went into stage fright once he saw all those people in the audience. So he just stood straight and never looked at anyone or said anything. Then at Thanksgiving, he did well. I could tell he was getting a little more comfortable with being on stage. But he still looked a bit nervous and talked somewhat low. Tonight he was actually on the front row and knew exactly what to do and when to do it. He was so confident and his smile was not forced at all.

Now, grant it, these are preschool children sitting in this area in these seats, so they did not have MAJOR parts. But they did sing, stand, and have musical motions with the songs. It was very cute. Gabe was so sweet by smiling at us and then talked about it all night afterwards! He was proud of himself. I think he felt like a BIG kid. I am proud for him too:)

Gabe is the one on the front row, right above that green plant at the bottom of the screen.

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