Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Resolutions for 2009

As far back as I can remember, on New Years Eve, I would make my list of resolutions, pray over them and put them in my Bible to reflect on throughout the year. It was also very interesting to see which things were accomplished and which weren't from year to year.
In my adult life, I have made resolutions, but never done them to the extent as I did as a child or adolescent. This year, I am planning to make my list here on this blog, print it out, pray over it and put it in my Bible. Seems I was more disciplined back then than I am now!

So here they go
1. Starting my day off with the Lord- Yes, I do start my day off with the Lord with daily prayers in the car ride to school drop offs.....but I am not getting in The WORD like I should on a daily basis. I can talk to God all day long, but I am not getting the full affect of his plan for me by not following up my listening to HIS WORD through reading the Bible.
2. Listening to my kids more- We are pretty good about have FAMILY TIME in our house. We interact and play with our kids alot.......but we are really bad about not just sitting down and listening to the kids. You know, just the conversations.
3. Learning to cook- My mom is a fantastic cook, so it's bound to be in my genes, right? HA! I do cook some and most of what I do cook is good, but the menu I have is very slim. Due to the kids being younger and having different preferences, I had no need to cook nice meals often. But now they are a bit older and can enjoy home cooked meals (not mac n cheese and nuggets). So my mom will be teaching me more of how to cook this year! YAE!
4. Getting more organized- Being a stay home mother, I kept a very organized and clean house. But once I started working, I had to give up some of my "hang ups" just to get by day by day. So I am not as organized and the house is not as clean. But now that I am a part time Children's Minister, I am finally finding that I am having some extra time to get the house back in order. Sure hoping it is not too late to start over:)
5. Healthy Lifestyle- Just tonight I noticed how we had a long chocolate covered rice crispy treat on the table. Gabe wanted this for dinner but he was not allowed any until he ate the majority of his dinner. So he finished dinner and got a PIECE of this treat. Just a few hours later, I have noticed that without my knowing, the other two kids ate the rest of the crispy treat. These eating habits have become the norm in my house. This is not good. So we will not be purchasing as many treats in 2009.....treats will not be a everyday MUST HAVE.
6. Losing and KEEPING my weight off- I can no doubt lose weight. I have twice....but I am having a problem learning to maintain. So I am going to get back into shape and learn to maintain my healthy weight with the help of my cousin who will be my trainer. YAE!!
7. Children's Ministry- With my new job, I have had no training and with the economy in such a slump, I expect that I will not get the opportunity for conferences and such. Therefor, I will need to get creative and find ways of learning how to do this job to the very best of my capabilities. I will be visiting churches, learning to network more with others in the children's ministry, and doing a lot of online training and reading this next year. This new job for me has much more to offer than just the simple planning from week to week..........WAY more. I am ready to learn how to implement more for HIS KINGDOM and how.
8. Nagless- HA! How do you like that word? This one is for my husband. I don't want to be a nagging wife. I need to learn how not to nag and be more of a positive and encouraging spouse. LORD, help me on this one! HA!
9. Acknowledging Friendships- Life gets me so busy that I tend to put my friends last, which is not right. Friendships are treasures........and I need to treat my friends that way. Therefor I want to take more time to be with my girlfriends, old and new:)
10. Money- Todd and I have done a great job of slowly getting out of debt and learning to spend way less. But we still live paycheck to paycheck. I would like to SAVE money wisely and not touch it. SAVINGS for the JUST IN CASE scenarios of life!

Well 10 resolutions. I am going to print these out asap. And look forward to sharing in a year how this were accomplished!

Happy New Years:-)

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Irma said...

Hi, I just wanted to say that really enjoyed reading your blog. I have a Gabe too, but we usually call him by his full name, Gabriel.

Great resolutions, except for #7 I could use your list for myself!

Have a wonderful weekend,