Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Baby is FIVE!!! Happy Birthday Gabriel!

Look at that adorable little baby! Yes, he is my youngest out of three. He is five years old! My Gabe is consistently reminding me that he is not a baby anymore! But he will always be my baby! I always say that God knew to make him number 3 because he tends to be more of the free spirited type of child and loves for you to praise him! He is not shy at all. He is always smiling, laughing, or trying to make you laugh. He loves music, dancing, and is very creative. He is extremely talented in puzzles and free art. And he is very lovable and sensitive. He ask me daily if I missed him while he was at school. He loves snuggling with me in the early morning right before the sun comes up! He is quite the helper for me....always asking to help do more jobs around the house or wanting to cook with me! I should be so lucky!!!!! My windows look great from 40in down! LOL!

I tend to believe he will be the athletic one! Just tonight, he had his first basketball practice. He was so darn cute, too! He is quite a good dribbler, like his mommy used to be! HA! And he was so proud after practice, he kept asking, "did you see me, did you seem me do good?!?" He was very good. He actually was grouped in with the 1st and 2nd graders. Not by coaches choice, but because he thinks he is as big as them. Maybe because he is so used to playing with his older brother and sister's friends. But he totally seemed to blend right in, except for his height!

When he was a toddler he got away with everything because of these cute curls and the cute dimples!

Gabe is a TOUGH little guy. He came into this world, with an unexpected twist...being sunny side up and not knowing until time to push, leaving me in extreme pain after 12 hours of labor and some much awkward, unforgettable times in the delivery room. The first two babies took 7hrs and 5hrs....who would have known! Needless to say, my baby making days were done after that! HA!

Just the other day, he got on Zander's new skateboard. He decided that it would be fun to use the skateboard and himself as a bowling ball and decided to run and jump onto the board, knees first, rolling himself into the pins. He did not take into account that his bowling pins he had set up were soft and squishy. Therefore, as he crashed into the pins, one pin got tangled into the wheels and made Gabe fall TEETH and NOSE and MOUTH first....right onto the hard concrete. He comes in crying but not to terribly hard. But to my surprise his mouth was covered in blood and he now looks like a street fighter with two front teeth a bit loose!

And you know what he asked for for his birthday????????? A darn skateboard! LOL!

I love you Gabe and thank you for all the fun you bring me day in and day out! Happy 5th Birthday!!!

Thank you God for allowing this sweet boy to be in my life! I pray that you will bless me with many more precious years to come!

Gabriel Robert 1-7-04
7lbs born at 7:30pm

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