Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Anticipation for the Ice Storm

We get a little hyped up here for cold weather. Why? Hey, we are in Texas! Texas weather is crazy! A typical NONSUMMER week looks something like this....
Monday 40's
Tuesday 60's
Wednedays 80's
Thurs 20s
Friday 30s
Saturday 60s

Let me give you some brief but recent history of how things work with Texas Winter Weather!

I spent Sunday outside the majority of the day with the kids, working out, and even witnessed an outside baptism! That night, when I went to bed, there was "some" talk of winter precipitation on Wednesday. Monday was supposed to be just like Sunday. However, when I woke to check the weather forecast (like I do every morning before I do anything else), I saw a complete changed forecast. It was calling for cold, wet weather all day Monday and with anticipation of ice accumulations Monday night into Tuesday. WHAT???
So Monday was indeed very wet! Monday night we all went to bed with BIG HOPES of waking to a winter ice storm on Tuesday morning.....hoping there would be no school.
Tuesday morning my cell phone alerted me at 6:22am. I knew it had to be text from the FLASH ALERT SYSTEM from our school district! So I was very hopeful, but was disappointed to read that we were going to school. I got up to nothing but more cold, wet weather. All day today (Tuesday) they have been having BREAKING NEWS ALERTS on all the TV stations, many schools even canceled, and many let out early. We even got out early....1:30pm. Much talk on the news about cancellations, and TEXDOT, and sandtrucks. But guess what, still no ice! All day, we have waited and waited for the "ice storm that had the potential of being BIG". Still nothing!

But, just a few minutes ago, I stepped outside (6pm), and again, I am hopeful. I heard lots of crackling of the trees and shrubs as ice was forming. It is cold, wet, and even a bit of freezing rain mix. And guess what else??? The news is forecasting the worst is yet to come.......

Now, I tell you. Not too many people, especially north of the Red River, would give a second thought about this winter event.Or even embrace an ice storm! HA! But in Texas, they are so rare..........and SPECIAL! Yes, I said "SPECIAL". I am a grown adult now, and I still get all worked up when I think of a day off of school and work due to winter weather. WHY? Because in the busy life we all live in today, we rarely have time to STOP, RELAX, and ENJOY! Winter Weather Warnings in North Texas can be translated as "FREE DAY WITH YOUR FAMILY". And it can be advertised as a day of sleeping in, watching TV most of the day, playing games as a family, not doing any household chores, no homework, no errands, no ball practice, no meetings, and no reason to get out of PJs, It gives us an excuse to be home as a family without distractions! These days are rare...... Therefore, Bring on the ICE STORM:)

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Kathy said...

I used to live in West Texas and I recall many ice storms-black ice, we used to call it. Because the ice would send a nice clear layer over the highways and if you wanted you could go out, dare to drive, and enjoy a nice round of bumper cars! Hope your weather is doable!