Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Note from Nana on Gabe's Birthday!

Today was Gabe's 5th birthday, but as you would probably guess, we have not had time to plan a party this soon after Christmas and all. But Gabe still knew it was a special day.

He started the day at 5am. He usually crawls in my bed and falls back to sleep for another couple of hours....but this morning, he just couldn't. After an hour of him stirring in my bed and waking up our new pup, I decided to get up to let the dogs out. Gabe follows me into the kitchen and I ask him, "Why are you up so early?' He replies..... "I am waiting on my birthday!"

I went ahead a turned on the TV and soon after went to bring him his school clothes. He had a confused look on his face and said "I not going to school today." He was a bit confused because he thought he should get to stay home. I tried to explain that I needed to work and there would be no one home to play with except me. After about 10mins, he says "My tummy hurts! I think I am sick." HA! Then he explains that Nana or Grammy could watch him!

Well guess what....he stayed home today. I enjoyed my morning with him. We played computer games, had some cake (thanks to Ms. DeeDee), and did puzzles. He even got to go to mommy's office and help her. He had lunch with Grammy and Gramps, too. The later half of the day, Nana spent with is a letter I got from her that I would like to share!! I thought it funny and cute. Oh, by the way.....isn't he the most handsome cowboy ever!!

FROM NANA STARTING OFF TALKING ABOUT COWBOY CLOTHES SHOPPING: I know and he had so much fun picking it all out.. He is going to love looking handsome and it won't matter how long it takes.. He admired himself in the mirror several times but he would always thank every nice thing anyone said to him.. We looked through some old picture albums and he couldn't believe how you were once a little girl.. Then he saw pictures of Addie, Zander and himself and he realized that yes, you were young.. I couldn't stop laughing when he said paw and I use to be young too.. He gently touched my cheek and said, AND THEN THIS HAPPENED.. Now I don't know what that meant but it didn't matter, it was honest and so very loving just to have his little hand on my old face:) Thank you for sharing him on such a special day.. Oh, he wrapped 2 presents for me cause he wanted me to have something also.. So if you notice the candles on the cake, those were from when Addie turned 8 and Zander turned 7.. Gabe didn't care he just wanted 2 candles, one for me and another for him..Thank you so much for such a special time with him.. He knows he will be having a birthday party and he will be 5 again at that one, too:) Sweet, sweet and really sweet.. love you so much and I am so proud of the wonderful children you and Todd have given us.. They bring us more joy than we could ever imagine..You have done a fine job with each of them.. love you, mom

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