Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Weekend Can't Get Much Better!

I just got through reading a friend's blog when I thought that sharing my really great weekend would be a great idea!

With 3 children and working on Sunday mornings, it has taken some time to get used to how the weekend has changed for me. I have to admit, at first, I didn't like that change. Sunday used to be my resting day. Yes, we went to church 9x out of 10, but soon after we had naptime, laundry time, family time, one hour organization time, etc.

Now being a Children's Pastor, I have found that may weekends are a bit different........but much more enjoyable!!!! I want to share this past weekend with you........

Last night was Friday! And I sooooo look forward to having Todd, my dear hubby home. Lucky for me, he even brought dinner home. KFC is great!!! We started our weekend as a family at the table having chicken and mashed potatoes. Addie ended up leaving us for the night to go across the street to spend the night with her best friend, Brooke. But the rest of the evening was great. My mom wanted to have Gabe over for a spend the night with my nephew, Hayden. We had every intention of going over and staying no longer than an hour. But, I wanted to look for a box of old college pictures......which lead to 2 plus hours of picture browsing of the PAST. This was sooo much fun to go through pictures!!! The pictures were not of college, but of old elementary and high school friends. Perfect for some good "facebook" laughs. So needless to say, I spend way too much time scanning old pics of friends and family for the rest of the evening.

Saturday morning was fun. Nothing better than spending the day in the old elementary school gym watching the boys play ball. I say this because this is where the fun began for me back in 1984! That will be another blog!!! Zander had 2 games and did sooo good. He is such the defensive player. Gabe had one game......I am the coach (pray for patience for me). But at 2:30 we were finally done playing ball.

It was a beautiful and perfect day today. So we loaded up our dogs, kids, some water, and headed to Lake Ray Roberts. We hiked a 2.5 mi hike through the woods with dogs and kids. It was GREAT! The kids and dogs seemed to enjoy it! But Todd and I enjoyed it even more!

We had some good and healthy Subway Sandwiches on the way home along with some quiet time at home. Our weekend has been great. Tomorrow will be even better. I predict a nice roast after church, probably a nap, a few football games and probably a run around the track....oh and some laundry!!!!

Life is way good!

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