Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Wednesday Pet!

Wednesday during the summer it seems I spend most of the day at the church along with my kids! We usually get there around 8am and don't leave until 2pm. The first hour is spent doing boot camp (workout) on the church campus, the next couple of hours is set-up and clean-up to prepare for GATHER (our children's summer program),then we have GATHER and last we clean up and chit chat:-)

On Wednesdays we also have a youth student join us to help out with the day's activities! His name is Matthew. Gabe has become Matthew's shadow each Wednesday. Matthew is so good to play with Gabe, but also very good to let Gabe feel as though he is helping Matthew when Matthew has jobs to do!

Well this Wednesday was a bit different. I had seen these two boys doing a search around the church...thinking they were playing some hide and seek game. But about an hour later, Gabe came to me to show me a special new pet he and Matthew had found. Gabe was so proud of his cute habitat he and Matthew had made for his new special friend. They made his pet a home made of a clear plastic cup, grass, paper towels, tape, clear plastic wrap, and water. He has been carrying it around since then!

We now have a new pet name "CROAK"...... He is our newest addition to the Turner household! And he is a CRICKET!!! HAHAHAHA!

Gabe is so proud of him but he also knows that he won't live forever! He keeps telling me, "Mom, Croak is still moving! He is not dead yet..." LOL!

Think the cricket will make it much longer?????

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