Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Big Week!!! A Big Year!!!

This week was a very big week for me personally! Yes, this was a the week that our Children's Ministry put on our annual SMAK (Summer Music and Activities for Kids) Program, and yes I have been busy busy busy the last few weeks, but that is not what I am really referring to right now.

I am actually referring to the fact that it has been a FULL YEAR since I took on the role as a Children's Minister for our local church at Grace Bible Fellowship. This week I have sat down several times looking and listening to these kids and admit that I have felt teary eyed some. Even though in the last year I have spent several days of preparing and teaching (along with some other very dedicated friends and co-teachers)these same kids, I believe I have actually grown more spiritually this year than the kids!

It's a lot like a teacher's first year of teaching, I believe! But way better!!!!

I am so proud of these kids...not just because of the SMAK week but because of our whole year together! I can't help but to love them ALL! No doubt, they are all different, with different personalities, different family backgrounds, different experiences, etc.... But we all share a very special bond thanks to the good Lord!

It has been a busy week! But it has been a great week to reflect, as well...............


Kathy said...

It's wise to stop and reflect. It's then we often receive His holy direction for the future. May He affirm and confirm in you your calling to impact the lives of these children. In Christ-Kathy

Red Writing said...

It was fun!! You are so great at what you do.