Friday, July 10, 2009

Family Fifth of July

In small towns, the Fourth of July celebration usually starts a day or two early and last beyond the fourth.... Well maybe that is just the way my family has always been! And this year we were still celebrating on the fifth of July!

Growing up in a small town, some of my greatest memories were BLOWING UP things with fireworks! HAHAHA! What is it about those little poppers that you throw and those black cats that you fireoff? Suddenly you feel the need to blow up anything around you! Well, not everything but you do want to get creative.

This year was the first year we have actually let our kids light black cats! It was so much fun watching them have a blast with it too! We blew up soda cans, clumps of rocks, pc pipes, dog poo (I know, gross but good boy fun), and even flat old tires!

Got to love being country! Here are some pictures of our great evening on the fifth (My granddaddy and his wife Paula were in town visiting too).

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Kathy said...

I think I would LOVE to live in the country, and the blowing up the tire-that one sounded especially fun. Carry on! Blessings-Kathy