Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swimming in the Dark

Last month we finally purchased one of those pop up pools from Academy. We had one a few years ago and loved it! But we didn't want to purchase another one until Gabe was swimming.

Well if you have been following my blog, you would know that Gabe spent two weeks last month in swim lessons. In matter of fact, he hated swimming so much that we bribed him with telling him we would get this pool if he learned how to swim. Long story short, two weeks later we had ourselves another swimmer!

So now we have a pool! We have spent many hours in the pool so far, but last night we took the kids out to enjoy a NIGHT TIME SWIM! They had not swam in the dark yet! It was so much fun! The night time sky was dark and full of stars. So we swam and looked at stars, located satellites, a few airplanes, and picked out constellations.

I was amazed at how Zander was so fascinated with all the stuff we were telling him about the stars and the sky!

I believe we might spend many more nights out there locating more constellations, satellites, and hopefully some falling stars!

What a great way to finish off a night!!!

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