Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Been Away.....on VACATION!!!!

I know. I know. I have been very quiet on here the last couple of weeks. You know why??? Cos I was out of the country!! YAP!! My dear husband took me away for my first CRUISE and first MEXICO trip ever! It was so awesome! The trip alone was awesome, but being with my man for 10 straight days was even better!

On Sept. 5 we left DFW, flew to Los Angelas....spent almost 24hours with Todd's sister, then boarded our cruise out of Long Beach that would last 8 days! We were at sea for a day and half then had our first stop in Cabo San Lucas!

We had the most amazing time there at Lover's Beach snorkeling. There is something so romantic about being in deep blue waters, hand in hand with your spouse, seeing hundreds and hundreds of tropical fish surrounding us! We spent 3 hours swimming and snorkeling together!!! Then ended our day there with a light lunch and people watching!!! LOL!

Our next day was at Mazatlan. Here we rented a van a took a private tour of parts of this area. We learned lots about the history of Mexico and saw lots of new and old!!! The tour was very informative....not to mention we were told exactly where to go to do our shopping!!! We also took a fairy to STONE island where we ate a great shrimp lunch!!!

Our last stop was in Puerto Vallerta! I have never seen a place more beautiful and unique as here. Being in a real rainforest was so cool. The streets were made of cobble stones and the air was so fresh!!!! HUMID, but fresh!!! Here we took a taxi about 30 miles outside of town...which was an awesome scenic drive. Lots of mountains, beautiful cottages, old villages, winding narrow roads, etc. It was almost movie like! We finally got to our destination....CHICO's. This was an old Mexican restaurant way out in nowhere land. It was in the middle of the mountains with a river and waterfalls that over look from the restaurant balconies. Not only did we enjoy the scenery there but we also ZIPLINED from mountain to mountain and over the rivers there! It was sooo cool!!!!

The last two days were sea days of traveling back. We took lots of naps, worked out, layed out by the pool, and just rested alot! The ship itself had plenty to do.....and plenty of great shows too (Ron, my brother in law performed 2 times while on the boat)!!!!

It was a blast!!! I have made a brief video of some of the pictures! Take a look at the blog posting that will soon to come above!!!

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