Thursday, September 17, 2009


Thought I would share a couple things that Gabe has said or done in the last week. He is so LITERAL!!! These are just a couple of things, but keep in mind he is always doing and saying things that just make you laugh!

1) As most of you know, recently Todd and I were on a vacation without the kids. My mom and dad watched the kids for us while we were away. But today, while visiting with my mom, she shared this story.....

Gabe apparently wanted a "snack" but it was dinner time. The whole family was at the table and he was trying to negotiate how much more he had to eat from his dinner plate to get his special snack!!! Mom finally got sick of trying to compromise with him so she told him he must "clean his plate". So about 2 minutes go by and mom is not certain what he is doing yet...but he puts away his plate, drinks all his drink and puts it away, and then cleans his area with a wet rag. Everyone is still eating and talking when he finally announces that he is ready. Mom still didn't get it, but he says to hear "but I cleaned my plate, like you said...." LOL

2) Another story..... Todd and I returned from our vacation late Sunday evening. The kids were very excited to have us home and tried really hard to have us let the play hookie on Monday. But I could not stay home with them, as I had a staff meeting to attend to Monday morning and Addie had a few test to take. And Todd would be home but he would be working from home!!!

Anyhow, Gabe understood that I had prior commitments. So Monday morning rolls around and he walks into class. His teacher, Mrs. Price is aware of us being out of town and realizes that we should be back by now. So she says to Gabe, "Gabe, is your mommy and daddy home now?" Gabe replies "My daddy is, but my mommy is not!!!"

LOL! I bet Mrs. Price thought she would hear about this story on 20/20 there for a few minutes!!! SO FUNNY!

I will share more later..... HAHAHA!

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