Thursday, June 11, 2009

To Swim or Not Swim is the Question

This week we started Gabe on swimming lessons. Let me say.....DRAMA!!!!! For a dare devil, tough, little guy, I do believe I found his weakness. Now that I think about it, he was afraid to get too deep in the ocean while on vacation in Florida and he also had a fear of SINKING on the waverunners! HA!

Today was day 3 and yes, the crying was much less. But the first and second days were HORRIBLE! I guess it has been a bit hard on me because I know my baby is not a crier and to see him so terrified is just so sad! I feel helpless, but he needs to learn to swim and not rely so heavily on the life jackets.

I really think that in another week, he will be swimming though. You know why??? Well today at swim lessons, his buddy Landon showed up and he is swimming much better than Gabe. Landon and his swim instructor showed Gabe some new tricks, so Gabe was determined that if his friend can swim under water, than so could he! So guess what, my scared little boy got real brave and did indeed swim under the water!!! YAE! He is not a pro yet, but at least I saw the fear subside for a brief moment and he was confident again!!!

He didn't want to leave today either!!!

Wonder if we can have Landon at his lessons again tomorrow??? HUMM!!!!

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