Thursday, June 4, 2009

Occupation Guestimations! Fun Stuff!

Ok, thought this would be a fun blog to start!!! I would love to hear about what you thought you would grow up to be throughout your childhood and adolescent life! Then lets guess what we believe our children will be in their adult lives....

For me, the earliest memory of really wanting to be something when I grew up was in the second grade with Mrs. Ferguson. First of all, that was one my most favorite and memorable years;-) I remember studying the SOLAR SYSTEM that year and how interesting that was! I can recall the "passion" of wanting to know more and really becoming an astronaut. I think I even wrote a paper on it! For years, I thought I would truly be an astronaut!

Later, I thought I would become a family psychologist! This was my plan throughout most of high school and even in the first years of college, until I realized the job demand and pay was not as highly valued as the "education" time! I had no plans of wanting to stay in school any longer than the four to five years I was already committed to! So with the path I had already chosen, the best way out of college was to use those courses to become a special education teacher.

My first adult profession was a special education teacher and coaching. Was I good at it!!! NO, it was one of the most stressful times in my life.....trying to finish school, teach, coach, newly married, and my dad was deathly sick. I was trained to teach MR students and to test and diagnose these students. My job and my training were not a match, so that didn't help!

I decided to quite and become a stay at home mom for the next 5 years.

I went back to teaching at a private school sometime later.... This is where I felt God was finally showing me "where I fit" in the professional world of jobs. I finally felt I was doing an excellent job in the area that God had equipped me and trained me for.

Now I am a children's pastor. I still know I am on the RIGHT PATH, but still have no idea where he will take me from right here! Only time will tell!

1. I think Addison will be veterinarian or zoologist or something to do with animal care. She has a heart and love for animals.
2. I think Zander will be a coach or youth pastor. He is a social yet sensitive kid. He tries hard to be do the right thing most of the time and cares about others. But he is 100% boy and loves all sports and tries to be the best he can be as an athlete!!!
3. Gabe is a bit on the WILD side.....he is a rough and tough dude but seems to be a leader in most situations! He loves to be the center of attention and loves to talk or sing. He also likes to feel needed or wanted. I think he might be fireman or policeman...someone with athority but always needed! Plus he likes wearing uniformed attire! HA!

I can't wait to hear about your Occupation Guestimations!!! Have fun with it!!


Red Writing said...

Well, these are the occupations I wanted to be growing up:
occupational therapist
Interior designer

I ended up doing none of these, rather became a teacher to the dismay of my mother who is also a teacher.
As of 3:00 tomorrow I will be employeed as the full-time runner of my household and mother to my two sweets! This is my dream job.

Jonah (3 3/4) says he will be a dentist, artist, or a fireman like his daddy. I have no idea what he will be at this point.

Glory(8 mos.)not sure yet.

Married with Children..... said...

Love it!!! Sorry you saw all those typos....but I fixed most of them;-)

Kathy said...

I wanted to be an ice-skater or a tennis player. I had a growing interest in geology and architecture, and fleeting desires of being a veterinarian, but due to my talents in music which followed me everywhere, I did just that, and still am doing so. Although now, I'm also teaching my children which I love more than anything else I've ever done.

Bethany-age 9 wants to be a zoologist.She would also like to run a Christian school. Most of all I think she wants to be a Mom. She too is loaded with musical gifts, so we'll see.

Daniel age 6-Mr.Matter of Fact will certainly be telling someone what to do and how to do it....whatever field he works in. It's just his way. Not bossy-just in charge and a director at heart. He is a great impersonator and a natural comic, so that's a toughy. Only the Lord knows. This was a fun one!