Monday, June 15, 2009

Take a Peek at Our First Family Field Trip Day!!!

Today was so much fun! This was our first FAMILY FIELD TRIP DAY for GBF! It was a small group but a great group to start with! I am copying/pasting what I blogged on the GBF CHILDREN'S BLOG.... then click on the pictures to see us having fun!!!! God is good!

Today we took 12 kids to Frank Buck Zoo. It was an absolute great day all the way around!! Despite the heat, God was good to provide shade and a good breeze which made it very comfortable for all of us! We spent about an hour and a half at the zoo looking at all the animals (big tortoises, feeding giraffes, and listening to a bird say hello) and enjoying each other's company!

The second half of the day we enjoyed at the park.... The kids played hide-n-seek, made up some funny dance routines, and even had a nice train ride!!!! We also had a pleasant picnic under some nice shaded trees!

We ended our day with a swim at the Scales' house......Thanks so much for having us!

We have some great kids and they all acted and treated each other very well!!! What a great and awesome day this was!

I am looking forward to more fun on Family Field Trip Days. Our next outing will be June 29th at Denton Water Works!!!!

Take a look at some of the pictures posted on the GBF CHILDREN'S BLOG!

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