Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Giving Up Bad Habits

The beginning of 2012, my family of five, decided we wanted to do something similar to RESOLUTIONS! So instead of personal resolutions for the year....we agreed as a family to give up something each month. Our hopes are to give up bad habits, get healthier, and have more money and time! Most of the things we will be giving up are health related...but the further we get into the year, the more you will see us giving up other things; like TV, electronic devices (at least at particular times of the day), fast food, etc....

If we DO accomplish these monthly challenges, we will take a ski trip at the end of 2012!!!!

So what did we give up in January? CANDY and CHIPS! Right after the holidays, we were eating both candy and chips as if they were a part of the major food groups! HA! So those were the first to go. And YES, we DID IT!!!!

Now on the last day of the challenge we will allow ourselves, as a family to have whatever we eliminated for the month. After the month is over, the eliminate item will only be allowed back at very limited occasions. For example, my family will not be keeping candy or chips in the house and we will limit the amount we will eat the rest of the hopefully only a couple of times a month.

For the month of February my family is giving up soda. This will not be hard for me because I hardly drink sodas.....but the rest of my family does. My kids are usually Sprite lovers, so this will be a challenge for them!

It's been fun to do this as a family!!! And I look forward to how much we will change by the end of 2012!!!

GO US!!!

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